Significance through impact

A life isn’t significant except for the impact on other lives. -Jackie Robinson

Our nation is in trouble at its core. The morals that made us a strong and good people are deteriorating rapidly. Robinson’s quote couldn’t be more timely.

But how do we engage, how do we make an impact?



I have refrained from ever using my  blogging to express my political thoughts and opinions. To me, those are views that are best saved to one-on-one conversations. But I don’t think I can muzzle my opinions anymore.

People…I’m scared as hell about next year’s election. I believe our nation is in for a very very tough 2012. From the Tea Party to Occupy Wall Street and Obama to “Generic Republican”, we have found ourselves immersed in a huge pile of dung. We lack leadership, character, humility, and compassion in our nation. And that’s directed at President Obama and the dysfunctional Congress we have. When will our leaders put the nation’s best interest before their own?

I plan to write much more about this as it is something I’m passionate about because it’s the future of our country. Time for all of us to take interest, be informed, and get involved.