This is an excerpt from my upcoming book Resole, which will release as an ebook on October 18: 

One reason we tend to hide behind a mask is because we live in a fallen world. Sin has corrupted God’s design and now we are surrounded by people full of a gamut of self-issues (e.g., selfishness, fear, pride, greed, hate, lust, etc.). How is it even possible to trust broken people?

 Another contributor is it can be scary to be real with ourselves. Can you take your mask off and look at yourself in the mirror? I cannot think of anything more terrifying at times than taking an honest inward look and seeing how broken we are. To avoid looking inward, we look for distractions, things to occupy our attention so we don’t have to gaze upon who we really are. If it’s so hard to be vulnerable with ourselves, why would we even want to be vulnerable with others? After all, hurt people hurt people. Right?

Think about it this way. When you and I lock up the darkness in our hearts, it grows. As it grows, hope is suffocated to the point of dying. A hopeless life is tragedy, in my opinion, because hope is what fuels passion and purpose. The only way to find hope again in our lives is to disperse the darkness by shining light upon it.

 The best way to shine light into the dark places of your soul is to let others in. But how? How do we overcome hopelessness and find the courage to take off the mask? I’ve found it starts with God. If you can’t trust God with your true self, you’ll never be able to trust others. Once you learn to let Him navigate the depths of your jacked-up heart, you will discover a desire and a need to share your struggles with others.



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