It was about two weeks ago that we were morning the horrific shooting’s at the AME Church in Charleston South Carolina. Today, for some reason, the memory seems like months ago. Within a week’s time, we saw so much happen in our country. Debates and arguments over the Confederate flag sparked up all over the place. Obamacare was upheld by the Supreme Court. And then, in another Supreme Court ruling, same-sex marriage was made the law of the land. Yes, a lot has happened since the tragedy in Charleston. But how easily we forget to value human life.

The most baffling thing is how we let the mass murder of church attenders be overshadowed by a debate over the relevancy of the Confederate flag. The flag is definitely a part of our heritage, a part of our history. But it has become a divisive symbol in our world today and it’s appalling to me that it became a bigger issue than what happened in Charleston. As Jesus followers, our identity is in Him and not our connection to a symbol from the past.

While I was surprised at the timing of the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage, I was not shocked. It has been coming for a long time. But again, what about Charleston. What about human life? What about protecting and valuing human life? I don’t think people realize how quickly our culture is now going to erode, and the events of the past week are just a few examples. We are on a road to destruction.

I, by no, means am trying to imply that same-sex marriage is the end of the world. A greater issue exists and these events are mere symptoms of it. We don’t care about each other. We shake our fist at God and dare him to do something. Well, God’s about to do something. God’s about to let us have our way. We have given Him the finger continuously in spite of all the blessings He has poured upon this nation over the past two centuries. I’m afraid it’s simply too late for people to wake up. The course has been set.

This post is just a rant if I don’t offer thoughts and ideas of how to move forward. We as Christ-followers have a golden opportunity to reflect the Gospel to those around us. We can be a light in the increasing darkness. But it requires a perspective shift, a wake-up call, an understanding of where we are.

· We live in a post-Christian country. The United States has been trending this way for years. Our government and academic institutions are no longer influenced by biblical principles. Our culture cares more about equality and tolerance than truth. But I promise you it’s ok!

  • We will begin losing our religious freedoms. I have been burdened for years that we take our freedom to gather every Sunday for granted. It won’t be long before that privilege and our other religious freedoms are plucked from our grasp one by one. But I promise you it’s ok!
  • We will be increasingly driven to God and away from our comforts. Revival is coming and quite possibly the greatest our nation has ever seen, and there have been some incredible ones. Why do I say this? The Gospel flourishes under persecution of any kind. One doesn’t have to look any further than the church in China. Without the distractions and comforts we have lived with for decades, we will be driven to our knees and to the word of God for hope. And I promise it will be amazing!
  • We will stand out from the crowd. No ruling or change in law will fix the broken hearts and desperate lives of our fellow Americans. It may mask it for a short time, but the hurt and despair will return. And we will have the perfect opportunity to demonstrate love and hope to them.
  • We will be counter-cultural because I believe we, the body of Christ, will learn how to care about each other again. Our hearts will break for the things that break God’s heart, and He will use us in the midst of it all. And I promise it will be beautiful.

The aftermath of Charleston saw millions of people express their sympathy and their outrage for what happened. But a squirrel got us off track and we are focused on ourselves once again. My brothers and sisters in Christ, don’t panic. Pray. Don’t throw words of hate. Love your neighbor. Don’t get discouraged. Take joy in the Lord. Stop focusing on what you don’t have. Be thankful for what you do have. And trust God with the rest.



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