Zane’s baptism (a special thank you)

IMG_3732Sunday evening, my 9 year old Zane got baptized at OneLife Church in Knoxville. There aren’t enough words to describe what it’s like seeing your son follow Jesus into a new life, not to mention three sons! Zane is a special boy that I believe God has great things planned for. I am very excited to see how his life with Jesus unfolds.

At the risk of leaving someone out, I want to say thank you to everyone who has had an impact on Zane’s life, as well as my other three kids Austin, Stephen, and Ella.

Mom, Dad, Jim, April, Brian, Amy, Julie, Austin, Stephen, Laurie, Calvin, Nina, Mike, Steve, Cheryl, Brad, Tara, Darren, Andrea, Bobby, Denira, Kevin, Cambri, John, Mark, Sam, AJ, Julie, Melvin, April, Jay, Andra, Laura, Brian, Amy, Bill, Paula, Jason, Stacy, TJ, Christy, and so many more that escape my memory.


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