In need of an adjustment

I woke up this morning with a horrible neck pain. As soon as I sat up in bed, I knew what I needed: a visit to the chiropractor for an adjustment. A few years ago, the same thing happened and it was remedied over the course of two months with multiple visits a week. Unfortunately, that particular doctor stopped taking my insurance, so I had to quickly find someone new. Thankfully I was able to get in rather quickly to my new chiropractor and he began examining me and figuring out what was causing my pain. He explained how the spine is constructed and things that were likely contributing to me being out of alignment. Then he went to work, carefully and with precision. I don’t think I’ve experienced the kind of care he gave me. After multiple steps of loosening up the muscles, adjusting the vertebrae, and providing electro-shock treatment to encourage muscle healing, I was beginning to feel a little better. He explained that he would like to see me again tomorrow because muscles have memory and will tend to pull me out of alignment again. I was incredibly impressed with this doctor.

It occurred to me as I was driving back to work that God handles us in a similar manner. He examines our spiritual condition (Jeremiah 17:9-10; Psalm 139:23-24) and reveals to us where we are out of alignment. He then begins to work carefully and with precision, knowing exactly how to get to the root of the problem. He understands that a full-on invasion into the depths of our hearts would be dangerous, so He works through a process to soften our hearts so we are willing to let him in. It’s then that he can perform the adjustments we are so desperately in need of so that we can walk in the Spirit. And then He provides the treatment we need to strength us by encouraging healing so that we are stronger and more resilient in the face of trials and temptations. It’s a beautiful image of the Master Chiropractor at work in our lives, providing us with the spiritual adjustments we need.

There was a moment during my doctor visit that he told me to relax my neck. He began to twist my head to a very vulnerable position and then, CRACK!, my neck popped. It was the weirdest sensation and images of movie after movie went through my head where necks are broken in a very similar fashion. But I trusted him. He’s a licensed and certified doctor. It’s the same way with God. He will put us in a position that is uncomfortable and vulnerable in order to continue treatment. We have to choose, though, if we will trust Him and become vulnerable in His hands.


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