Fatherhood is a big deal. It’s dads that help shape the character of future generations. I could talk about how many men fall short in their role as a father, or how disgusted I get by the how absent fathers are mentally and physically in their relationship with their kids. But I’d rather focus on positive examples of men that take their job seriously. Like dads that work hard but never sacrifice their kid’s game or concerns because of work. Or dads that listen intently to what their kid is saying in order to be apart of their lives. And I really appreciate dads that understand that giving their kids everything only spoils the child, but instead teaches them to value hard work, responsibility, and the value of money. These are the dads that I want to celebrate today.

Happy Fathers Day.


One thought on “Fatherhood

  1. I feel the same way. Those are the dads that I want to focus on and emulate as well. Being a dad is one of the most important things I’ll ever do and I try every day to live up to that obligation and I can tell from what you’ve written that you feel the same way too. Hope that you had a nice Fathers Day.

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