Blackout Poetry and No. 1

I recently became introduced with Austin Kleon, a poet, writer, artist and emerging leader in the world of creativity. In an article interview with 99U, Kleon mentioned a daily practice he does to continue building momentum in his work. It’s a form of art called blackout poetry. I became intrigued by this peculiar name and started searching the internet for some understanding. I loved what I found.

Blackout poetry is simply the art of creating a poem by redacting the newspaper with a permanent marker. The various images that I found during my search made the concept even more intriguing to me. Some were profound in message, others abstract. Some focused on the words while others turned the “canvas” into a drawing. I was sold on the idea and decided to try one myself, which I’ve included below. I found my first effort at blackout poetry to be fun and moderately challenging and definitely a brain stimulator. I recommend anyone try it out for a start of the day activity to get your mind going.

“It’s all about staying in motion. Inertia is the antithesis of creativity.” –Austin Kleon



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