In repair

Came across this post in my draft folder. I started it about three to four years ago and never finished it for some reason. After reading through it, felt appropriate to share especially in light of the healing I’ve experienced recently…

A few years ago, I tore my ACL…three times.  The first time I was playing basketball.  I planted my left leg so I could cut back to the right.  One problem.  My knee decided to keep going left.  Pain ensued.  Excruciating pain.  I had it checked out, was told to rest it and let it heal.  You know, time heals all wounds.  (HAHAHAHAHAHA)  So, six months later I started playing ultimate frisbee with a group from church.  Second or third time out, I was doing well, feeling strong.  I jumped up to catch a high toss and when I landed, my knee (the same one) decided to blow out again.  Yay.  The third time (yes, intelligence was not functioning in this boy at the time) I injured it playing tag with my kids.

So, I had a doctor look again, do the whole MRI thing and found out my ACL was completely torn.  The surgery was a success and I entered into six months of rehab.  I worked my butt off and it paid off.  There was plenty of pain and soreness, but I could feel my leg getting stronger.  It was worth it.

Yesterday, I blogged about being in repair.  Today, I thought about it off and on and started thinking about my rehab.  Isn’t that what happens in life?  I had coasted through life until about two years ago and then my heart was torn just like that ACL.  I continued on and tried to heal, until it was ripped even more…to the point of complete brokenness.  There was no way I could recover on my own.

It was in that brokenness that something supernatural began to happen.  Surgery was being performed upon my heart, repairing the damage that life had brought my way.  But the healing had only begun.  I have been in rehab.  It’s been intense and extremely difficult.  I couldn’t tell you where I am in the recovery process, but I do think it will take a long, long time.  And one day, the rehab process may be over, however, there will still be occasional pain and discomfort from the trauma.

Let’s face it, we all will be in repair to some degree for the rest of our lives.  Life has bumps and scrapes and bruises and tears and cuts and breaks waiting for us around any corner.  I’ve crossed paths with many who have the scars.


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