I feel like a frogger…a failing blogger. Yes, that’s really cheesy, but you have to admit it’s catchy! In truth, I am just starting to get my legs back under me after finishing grad school back in September. Until recently, I haven’t really had the desire to read or write anything, which has been odd and refreshing at the same time. Typically, I am regularly pursuing these outlets because they recharge my batteries. Guess the old batteries were far too depleted to even want a recharge! But the creative juices are beginning to flow again and the hunger for “input”, as Johnny 5 used to say, is coming back. (If you have no clue who Johnny 5 is…we can no longer be friends. Or you could do yourself a favor and watch a 1980s classic movie called Short Circuit!)

My friend and fellow writer Apryl posted something on Twitter today that caught my attention. She listed her annual writing goals, which includes a weekly and annual word count quota. She is a disciplined writer and inspires me to become more so as well. So I am starting to consider developing a similar goal…maybe a quota of blog posts that I will work toward each week or month. By developing and working toward goals, we become more productive people. One of the pastors at my church mentioned this week that only 20% of people in the United States set goals, only 4% write them down, and only 1% revisits them on a regular basis. This 1%, he said, makes significantly more annual income than the rest of us. Makes you think, huh?

So cheers to a new year! I intend 2014 to be more filled with good books, lots of writing, and loads of learning, sharing, and growing.


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