Practice Awareness

Thought the start of a new week would be a good time to share something that has been on my mind a lot lately. Safety. My company has been going through an extensive effort to combat a series of recent injuries caused by “slips, trips and falls” (STFs). While it might seem silly to expend so much organizational energy on what is often perceived as clumsiness, STFs are among the most common causes of injuries at work and at home. Did you know that STFs account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits a year? This equates to 21.3% of all ER visits, making STFs the leading cause. In fact, half of all accidental deaths in the home are caused by a fall, many of which happen at ground level and not from an elevated surface.

Why am I talking about safety? For starters, being unsafe can lead to a loss of quality of life. Last year, I was shooting baskets with my son in the driveway. As I jumped to shoot, I was unaware of the uneven surface underneath me. As I landed, my ankle twisted and popped, leading to a severe sprain and slight fracture. This led to months of recovery. To this day, the mental stress from the injury still lingers. My quality of life was degraded and still hasn’t fully been restored to what it was before my injury. I’m always weary of injuring it again. I heard a story of a woman going to answer the door for a pizza delivery. As she entered the foyer, she slipped on a rug and ended up shattering her ankle. The paramedic telling the story said it was one of the worst ankle injuries he had ever seen. Imagine her quality of life.

To RESOLE our lives, we must be healthy and intact, which means we must practice awareness in order to be safe. I consider myself a lazy walker. I drag my feet at times, which leads to the ever so embarrassing “tripping over my own feet”. We’ve all done it. After you stumble, you look around to see if anyone noticed. In an effort to limit embarrassment, and prevent potential injury, I’m practicing awareness of mind as I walk down the hall. Eventually I’ll train my body to walk more carefully. This is a perfect application of RESOLE. I RELIVE and RETHINK the way I walk down the hall and decide upon the proper corrections I need to make. I then RESOLVE to be more aware and seek to RENEW this focus through discussing awareness with my kids.

You are not invincible. Read that again until it sinks in. While you may feel like you can do anything, especially while you’re young, it only takes one second for your life to change. A text message you choose to answer while driving causes you to miss the curve in the road, leading you directly into a telephone pole. Carrying too much up the stairs might break your concentration just enough that you miss a step and break your leg during the fall. It’s in the routine that we are most vulnerable.

A RESOLE life chooses to be aware in order to prevent an injury.

For more statistics on Slips, Trips, and Falls, you can visit


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