Resole Revisited

A few years ago, I wrote a lot about a concept I developed for myself called Resole. It is a process of self-evaluation and improvement that I walked through, specifically in the aftermath of my divorce. While I have drifted away from this for quite some time, I believe it is time to revisit Resole.

What is Resole?

The Resole Process is a self-improvement process that can be applied to just about anything; individuals, churches, and businesses, to name a few. There four elements of Resole and they cycle into each other. It is a process designed to encourage growth in every aspect of life. For an individual, that includes the spiritual, mental, relational, emotional, physical, financial, and professional components of life. Organizationally, this involves vision and strategy, leadership, communication and culture, fiscal health, and creativity and innovation, to name a few. Yet to move forward, an understanding of the past and present is essential. How can one move forward without knowledge of where they have been?

So a natural flow has emerged.  The starting point is RELIVE, an honest reflection of the past.  Next is RETHINK, which takes the assessment of the past and applies it to the present to see what past behaviors are still active and compares that to the vision for the future.  Once the past and present are looked at and the future vision has been set, a RESOLVE must be made determining to push toward that vision.  Lastly, RENEW brings in the power of utilizing resources that will encourage you to stay the course.  This is a constant process and can be applied to any of life’s decisions.

Resole is based in biblical principles drawn from Colossians 3:9-10:

Do not lie to one another, seeing that you put off the old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge after the image of its creator.


Putting off the old self is accomplished through RELIVE and RETHINK.

Putting on the new self is accomplished through RESOLVE and RENEW.

It is a process that can be applied to any and every decision and situation.  We can look backward to see similar instances of our current circumstance and RELIVE how they played out.  Then, we can look at our current circumstance to see if there are repeat behaviors and RETHINK whether the current circumstance is on track to repeat past mistakes or failures.  If it is, we can put off the old self with its practices.  But this putting off of the old self can only be accomplished by putting on the new self, by having a RESOLVE toward the new self and seeking to RENEW the new self daily.

Why Resole?

Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results each time. By this definition, we are all guilty of being insane. We stifle growth because we refuse to realize that past actions are what caused past failures.

In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins researched many organizations that were considered to be successful, or “great”, companies. One of the findings was that good-to-great companies “did not focus principally on what to do to become great; they equally focused on what not to do and what to stop doing.” You see, learning from the past (relive and rethink) is essential, but an action we rarely do consistently, if at all. Additionally, Collins discovered that greatness is not a function of circumstance, but largely a matter of conscious choice (resolve and renew).

In my experience, Resole is not easy. It takes a conscious choice to implement this process into life. However, reliance upon individual will is not enough because we are flawed. It takes a willingness to recognize we are flawed and powerless to enact lasting change and then giving up control. For me, I found that in a personal relationship with Jesus. When I finally decided to give up control to Him, I began to see lasting change take hold in my life. My character grew in ways I had never experienced before. The process is just a tool, and a tool is as only good as the one using the tool. I didn’t trust myself to hold the tool.

So I’m revisiting Resole and hoping others will join me on this journey. I intend this time through to widen the scope and not focus strictly on individual life. This broader view will bring in organizations, such as businesses and churches, as well as a culture and society that are on the brink of disaster.

Endnote: As I wrote this, I started to wonder if a fifth element should be added in the center. Repent. After all, true growth must begin and sustained with repentance. More to come…


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