The past is in the past

A conversation I had tonight reminded me of a lyric I wrote in a song a little while back…

I’ve heard it said that the past is history
But it seems Iike the past is living me
Cause all the failures and mistakes I’ve made
They keep playing through my mind

Anyone ever felt like that? Anyone? If you haven’t, I suspect you’re lying to yourself or you haven’t experienced enough life yet. There are so many things I regret, that I have played over in my mind like reruns of the Cosby show. It’s a prison…one of chains and of shame. But there is good news…

Then you remind me that joy will come
And you tell me to keep pressing on

The wonderful thing about the Christian life is it’s one that offers freedom from those bonds. Jesus says to you and me that He’ll take our place, swap His peaceful load for our heavy and burdensome one. And with that, joy will come in the morning.


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