destination:the road to portland

I had the amazing opportunity to travel with my four year old daughter to Washington state (or steak as Ella likes to say it) to visit my parents.  What a wonderful part of the country.  From the semi-arid climate of the central part of the state to the lush forests of the western section, I have grown to truly love visiting there.

This particular visit took us down through the Columbia Gorge (pictured right).  This long stretch of river and road winds around some breathtaking scenery.  The gorged was formed over many years of volcanic eruptions, growing mountains, and glacier damned rivers producing high pressure water flow through the gorge area.  (At least that’s how I understand!)

After passing through the gorge, we encountered the Multnomah Falls just outside Portland, OR.  What a marvelous sight!  The ice cold waters flowed from high atop the mountain, dropping down into a pool which would then continue its flow over another cliff and find its way rushing into a mountain stream.  It was incredible to stand there and take it all in…and quite cold might I add!

I am constantly amazed at the wondrous things Almighty God created.  And it’s all there for His glory and our enjoyment.  Being out there and soaking in the surroundings made me think about the beauty around me in east Tennessee.  The Smokey Mountains are incredible and there is so much wonder to discover!

I’ll keep posting our different experiences of the Pacific NW.  What a wonderful place!


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