Divorced people are people too

There was a time when I equated being divorced with being relationally ill or inept. It made sense to me that if you cannot make a marriage work, there is something wrong with you. I was never further from the truth.

What my judgmental, condemning attitude failed to understand is that divorced people are usually just as normal as any other person that I encounter from day to day. Many are really good people: smart, successful, talented, wonderful parents, and, yes, quite good at relationships. Why divorce happens is a case by case issue; but larger than that I have seen that, through my own divorce and the divorces of many friends, we are all people, created by God, and we live in a fallen, sinful world, full of selfish people….and that means me and you.

I am also learning to embrace every bit of who I am, and who others are, because it makes life so much more beautiful when we can share our true selves, no matter how many cracks, bruises, or blemishes we may have.


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