Lesson learned

Today I learned a very important lesson.  When God is leading me in one direction, it’s in the best interest of myself and anyone else involved to listen.  Recently I was faced with a tough relationship decision and felt a tug in one direction, a tug I know realize was God’s leading.  Instead of following it, I rationalized and convinced myself that the opposite way was really His direction.  Today, it all blew up in my face and I regret that I hurt someone.

Relationship issues are tough and they become even tougher when you should handle something with a delicate touch but you misread it and handle it with a sledge hammer.  The only thing from here is to learn this really tough lesson and not make the same mistake again.


2 thoughts on “Lesson learned

  1. Funny how we live and learn…..always trying to put our own spin on God’s will. “Maybe he says this but really means that,” Maybe he wants me to fail and learn something….maybe we need to get a clue and listen to His answers the first time we hear them! LOL. Sorry you had to go through some trash, but glad it was a reminder of how big and smart He is and how little and foolish we can be! Love you, Man!

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