Balancing act.

One of my cousins posted this thought on her Facebook page:

What if we stop acting on our feelings, and act on what we know is truth?

Reading this hit me as quite profound.  Maybe it’s because I see something true in it about myself.  I tend to act more in accordance with how I feel about things rather than what I know about them.  I dare say there are those out in this world that lean the opposite way and do things based on truth more so than feeling.  In a perfect world, we would find the perfect balance of both.  Feeling and Truth.  I believe that God created each of us very intentionally in all ways, but each is created with a bent toward certain ways more so than others.  (Ephesians 2:10 speaks to this.)

I’m starting to see it’s important to recognize the natural bent we are created with, for two reasons.  First, it is important to feed the natural bent, otherwise you’ll won’t be completely satisfied.  There has been a movement in the leadership culture at large that says you should feed your strengths.  ‘When it comes to personal empowerment, feeling strong and grounded is crucial. Without a perception of yourself as strong and resilient, you’ll find yourself cowering in the face of challenges; feeling intimidated by other people, and weighed down by your own fears and insecurities  (from the website Solve Your Problem).”  I am at my strongest when I “feel” life.  I know others who are strongest when they “know” life.  Neither is right or wrong, it’s just recognizing how you are created and living in that reality.

There is something to be said about achieving balance, however, between your strong side and your weak side.  If I live life completely “feeling” my way through it, then I will run the risk of becoming completely irrational and impractical.  If I were to live completely “in truth” mode, then I will be compassion-less and passion-less.  A balance between the two makes for a more dynamic and effective individual.  The Bible talks about worship in terms of spirit AND truth (John 4:24).  That means that you engage your mind and your emotions, what you know about God interacts with how you feel God.  Both are important.  The same applies to how you live life.

I will always encourage you to stretch yourself, to grow and become a stronger person.  It takes a lifetime, but, oh, what a wonderful journey it can be!


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