New direction.

I’ve decided to take a new direction with this blog.  For years, I have blogged about a variety of subjects, but rarely found a centralized theme to guide me.  Today a thought popped in my head that I am quite curious to pursue and see if it focuses me a bit better.  That theme is to use this as an avenue to write my kids and hopefully impart wisdom and insight gained from my own life to help them grow and, hopefully, not make the same mistakes I have made.

I have spent too long writing to make an impact on the world, when all that truly matters to me is the impact I can have on my four kids.  So, others are welcome to peek in, but A., S., Z. and E., these writings and ramblings are for you.  I hope you will find something useful to help you navigate life amongst them.


2 thoughts on “New direction.

  1. I think writing to impart wisdom and to mold your children is wonderful.

    But, I couldn’t help but think that, as Christians, we have to look at all children as part of our own. I know so many Christians who are solely focused on their own families, when there is such a need for people to see beyond their responsibility to their own. There are so many kids who don’t have anybody who loves/guides them well. (Adults, too, for that matter.)

    I probably erred too much in raising my kids by focusing too much on others’ needs and on ministry. It’s such a delicate balance, but I think we can too easily assert that “all I care about is my kids”. Our kids need to know that we care about them, but they also need to know that we care about the world. And you have MUCH of importance to share with the world.

    Ha! I might be preaching at you when that wasn’t what you meant at all, but it did sorta raise a red flag. (Mostly, though, I just wanted to write as an encouragement that I think you can do both: impact your kids AND the world, and care about both.) Make sense?

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