Clean water (why I can’t get it out of my mind)

It hit me recently that I can’t seem to get clean water out of my mind.  Actually, I should clarify that by saying that I can’t get the clean water problem out of my mind.  Tonight I stumbled on a new Jars of Clay video/song called “Two Hands“.  In case you didn’t know this, Jars started an organization a few years back called Blood:Water Mission.  This video tells the touching story of what it’s like every day to get water in Africa.  It breaks my heart.

Today, I woke up and took a shower.  Probably used more then my share of water.  I brushed my teeth, drank a large glass of water and went on with my day.  At work, I probably drank an entire pot of coffee (made with water) and had many sips from the water fountain.  At Chickfila, I had a large cup of water.  Tonight at dinner, I drank another large cup of water.  My kids took baths full of water.  And I’m sure I’ll take another shower since we played outside and got dirty and sweaty.  How many gallons of water did I consume today?  Maybe the deeper question is, how many gallons of water was I ungrateful for today?

I can’t shake this ever increasing burden, passion, “thirst” to see clean water provided to the world…every nation, village, and tribe.  Sometimes it can be easy to become so overwhelmed by the magnitude of a task that it can seem pointless to try and make a difference.  But that’s a wrong attitude.  I know it’s a very small amount, but I committed last year to give $10 every month to Water Missions International.  Not tooting my horn, but bringing up the fact that we can all make a difference.  Imagine if 100 of us gave $10.  Or 1,000 of us.  How many clean water wells could be dug?  How many water filtration units could be built and delivered to remote parts of the world?  How many of our neighbors could overcome sickness and disease just by drinking something we take for granted every day?

Get involved.  I dare you.


One thought on “Clean water (why I can’t get it out of my mind)

  1. Ironic you just posted this. We just finalized plans to partner with Blood: Water Mission as a church for our global mission in our church. We’re shooting a video this week for it and announcing it to our church in a few weeks during One Prayer. Very pumped about it!

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