Have you ever gone through times where it seems that every where you turn, God has a common theme He’s trying to teach you?  The past few months a strong one for me has emerged and it has been consuming my mind.  That theme is the concept of abandonment to God.  It is such a beautifully rich concept.

I have always heard teachings on surrender…not to mention the countless songs about it.  “All to Jesus, I surrender…”  For me, that word has become stale.  It’s been taught and talked about so much, it has begun to fall on deaf ears…or maybe a heart that’s calloused to it’s powerful truth.  Enter “abandon”.  Through this simple word God has helped me go deeper then ever before into it.  His desire for me, for you, is that we abandon everything in life for Him.  Just like a child can abandon all care and common sense as he jets down a monster hill on a bike, I’m to lay everything familiar to me down and reach up to my Father in total abandonment.  It is such a difficult thing to do though.

I have spent days trying to figure out exactly how I’m supposed to do that…and of course, God intervened and gave me a new thought to chew on.  If I would simply spend more time today thinking upon Him then I did yesterday, I will find myself becoming abandoned to Him.  Are you following that?  Spend more time today thinking upon God then yesterday and a deepening will begin to occur in the soul.  Jesus simple command in John 15 is to abide in Him.  Psalm 37 instructs us to delight ourselves in the Lord.  Proverbs 3 says to acknowledge Him in all ways.  How is that done?  Very simple.

Paul said in Romans 12 that we are transformed as we renew our minds.  Renewal comes through many different facets, but the common point is allowing ourselves to relax and recharge.  That might be through music, or reading, or hiking, or sipping coffee while enjoying great conversation with a friend.  All of these (and many more) can bring about recharge in our lives.  Thinking more on God can happen in a variety of ways but the common theme is that we’re thinking about Him more.

We only begin to act, think, and live like another through spending time with that person.  And that’s exactly what it means to be abandoned to something…being consumed with Jesus and allowing everything else to fall to the side…


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