Rising from the Ashes

During the quest to find a name for this band I’m in, we came across an idea that is a beautiful picture of what occurs in our lives as Christ-followers.

The name idea was Rising From Ashes.  It didn’t stick (obviously since we settled on Sole Horizon) but the idea has been stuck in my mind.  If you’ve ever been through the fires of life, then you’ll know that those fires, if we allow them, can burn away the impurities and imperfections in our lives.  It’s God’s holiness coming upon us and ridding us of our past selves.  This allows us to rise from the ashes of the old and live in the new, which is created and perfected into the image of God.  So good to be reminded of this sanctification process in our lives.

The picture that comes to mind is that of a Phoenix.  This mythical bird lives for a long time, 500-1,000 years, and at the end of that life, it builds a nest in which it sits and burns its old body to ashes.  From these ashes, a new life emerges for the Phoenix.  I would imagine this is quite a painful process for the Phoenix, but its one that it goes through so it become better.  To me, this is what it means to leave the old self behind and live in the new self we become through Christ.

It’s a process worth living for.


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