Knox Life

I visited Knox Life Church in downtown K’ville this morning.  What a great experience!  The band I’m playing with (Sole Horizon) led worship there last week, but it was very nice to just go.  Great people with real lives.

Here’s the lowdown on this church.  They are real.  I’ve heard of churches doing messages titled “No Perfect People Allowed”, but this church doesn’t need to.  You can see the evidence of a group of imperfect people who are saved by the grace of God all over the place!

The music was incredible.  It’s not your typical worship-style music.  They’re creative and have lots of fun mixed in with plenty of funk and soul.  Davis, the worship pastor, does a great job.

Still not sure where I’m gonna fall regularly for church, but it was good to be at Knox Life today!


2 thoughts on “Knox Life

  1. I sent my friend Don from Seymour there yesterday morning. He liked it. Sean is a great guy and I’m glad he and his family landed in Knoxville.

    btw….the “No Perfect People Allowed” message series isn’t about proving some point about your church. A lot of sermon series are deeper than their titles. Though, it does make since quoted out of context. 😉

    1. thx for the comment chris, and you point out a mistake i made in writing this. i was generalizing, but there can be danger in that because not every church is that way. to clarify, i should say that i’m talking about the churches out there that like to jump on the bandwagon of the latest, coolest, hottest trend.

      thx again for helping me set that straight!

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