Came across this journal entry of mine from a few weeks ago and thought I’d share…

After reading about being a living sacrifice in Romans 12:1, I realized that I, as a living sacrifice, squirm off the altar and have been hiding in the nearby brush.  God’s been calling me…of course He doesn’t look for me because He already knows where I am.

I saw myself today for who I am.  A scared, lonely sacrifice avoiding surrender to my High Priest, Jesus Christ, so that I can continue drifting away.  I have been listening to the insecurities, the pain and the fear for far too long and it’s led me into the wilderness.

Last night, I started tanking.  “A crushed spirit who can bear,” says Proverbs 18:14.  That was me.  I wanted to drown out the feelings, the thoughts, the lost dreams, and the reality of life today.  I wanted to go numb because I couldn’t take being crushed any longer.

Today, the Lord’s calling me deeply.  He’s telling me that the weight crushing me is too much for me to bear, but that He is strong.  He is able to carry it , to bear the weight of it.  He wants to swap loads with me.  He’ll carry my unbearable load for his bearable one.  A load that is heavy for a load that is light.  What an exchange!

So here I am.  Making my way back to the altar.  From my study of Old Testament sacrifices, I know that a sacrifice must be without blemish, and I know I have enough blemishes to pass around.  That’s when He reminds that I am cleansed by the wonderful, precious power of Jesus’ blood!  Then, I can get back on that altar and submit to my Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.

Would you be free from the burden of sin

There’s power in the blood, power in the blood

Would you o’er evil a victory win

There’s wonderful power in the blood

Would you be whiter much whiter than snow

There’s power in the blood, power in the blood

Sin-stains are washed in its life giving flow

There’s wonderful power in the blood


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