Bloggers Block

I have been trying to think of something to blog about for days now and the result has been nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch. My mind has been blank and uninspired when it comes to writing. I can see two contributing factors to it, however. Lack of sleep has led me to a state of brain deadness, which, can be cured by making better decisions on getting to bed at a decent time vs. staying up late. But the other reason is, in my opinion, a much larger contributor to the “un-spiration”. I have neglected my Source of life lately. The pressing in to the Father’s heart that I have been doing has ceased to a large extent and the by-product has most definitely been a lack of insight, inspiration, and intuition.

It has been amazing the insight the Lord grants me when I pursue Him. Insight into my heart and intentions, my circumstances, and into His word. How does one truly gain perspective or insight when pursuit of the all-knowing God ceases? And with insight typically has come inspiration. Not just on a creative level, but on a whole-life level. For some reason, my job seems less mundance when I am inspired of the Lord. There is a bounce in my step and a fresh air in my lungs. He rejuvenates me!

Lastly, the by-product of intuition can slip away so gradually that I do not even take notice of its leaving. The only way to gain intuition – a godly mind that guides thoughts, emotions, and actions – is to walk in the Spirit. Unless I replenish and train my mind (Romans 12:1 refers to it as transforming), that intuition will swing like a pendulum toward the flesh and begin to think more about how to gratify its desires.

The only way to escape this funk is to inundate the mind, the entire being, with the Lord. The Lord leads us and provides everything we need when we are dependent on Him, but He isn’t going to make us dependent on Him. Every individual must make a willful decision to press into the Lord and then do it. Either we will drown ourselves in the Spirit or in the flesh. The choice is ours.


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