Prep the fire

I listened to the latest message from pastor Matt Chandler of the Village Church in Dallas, TX the other day and it has had me thinking on a variety of topics, but one in particular is speaking loud and clear.  The responsibility of a parent in raising children that are independently dependent upon God.  (That little tidbit I heard in a message by Francis Chan.  Nothing’s original here!)

Chandler spoke of how a parent can do nothing to ensure that their child will declare Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, but parents can prepare for it.  Like preparing for a fire, there are things we can do to add kindling that will help it burn.  Reading the bible and discussing it.  Praying together.  Going to a church that lives and breathes the Gospel.  Serving together.  In short, modeling the Christ-life to them as genuine and sincere as possible.

My oldest has professed Jesus as His Lord and there is a peace that resides in me because of that.  But there is still a lot more to his life, so I have begun praying for his sanctification, or his journey to becoming holy, earnestly.  The other three have not reached the point of surrendering their lives to Christ and nothing weighs on my heart like that.  I desire it so much, but also realize I ultimately have no control over that.  Each of them will have to make that decision for themselves.  So I am committing to preparing the fire.

I love and value each of them too much not to.


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