The Mount Vernon Statement

I’m not one for using this blog to discuss politics.  I can’t stand politicians and in fact list my political affiliation as “anti-politician”.  But today I must share something I believe is very important.

There is a battle going on over our country’s future between two very different perspectives.  The one is the current state of our political system.  I’m not talking Democrat or Republican, but the idea that government can solve all of our problems.  We saw it with President’s Clinton and Bush and are now seeing it with Obama.  I believe the progressive, or moderate, Republicans are just as dangerous as the liberal Democrats…they just hold different views of how the government should be expanded.

So today marks the beginning of a return to the constitution and true conservatism.  I’m not talking about conservatism that pushes a moral agenda.  I don’t believe you can govern morality.  I’m talking about a conservatism that protects our rights as Americans per the constitution and the way our founding fathers intended it to be.  In Mount Vernon, VA, today, February 17, 2010, a group of grass root leaders of this new constitutional conservatism movement are meeting to sign a declaration of a return and commitment to the founding principles that have made America what she is.  I encourage you, regardless of your political stance, to read through this declaration.  It is short and understandable but contains a lot of good stuff.  And then, after you’ve read it and considered it, you can either sign it yourself or ignore it.

If you care about the future of our nation, then you need to check this out.

The Mount Vernon Statement


One thought on “The Mount Vernon Statement

  1. Kevin, I so agree. The Tea Party movement is central to this theory. What Obama and his mineons did not understand is that America is not a Leftist country. It is a center right country. The problem is that the Democrats have become hard Left, and the Republicans center-Left. This is all about moving America back to the right where it belongs.

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