Think through the following questions for a moment:

  • Who have you been?
  • Who are you now?
  • Who will you become?

I’m learning the importance of looking at the past, assessing the present in light of what I see in the past, and visioneering the future.  All three can help me become more aware of myself, especially in light of who God desires me to be.

Past You.  Do you ever slow down in this fast paced world long enough to reflect?  Reflect on the direction life has led you and on the kind of person you have been?    Studying the past can tend to be an over looked practice today.  Everything we do seems to focus on the future and how we can make it better.  Our personal lives may need to practice looking back the most.  From our past, we can identify many lessons to be learned and applied that can impact our present and future selves if we would choose to learn from them.

Here’s an example from my own life.  As I look back on my financial history, I see a terrible habit of irresponsibility manifest in the  neglect of balancing my checkbook.  And as I pull the string to see what consequences come from that, a series of stupid decisions and avoidable circumstances emerge.  A very simple task was neglected and I paid for it.  And guess what.  The bad habit still lives today.  The question now is this: Do I learn from the past or continue to feed the monster of irresponsibility?

Present You.  So ‘Present Me’ has a choice to make and an action plan to follow.  Am I going to continue laziness and procrastination or choose responsibility?  I know where door one leads, I’ve been there and suffered through it, and I have no desire to go there again.  This is the power of reflecting on the past.  The identification of past behaviors in our present condition and the positive or negative impacts that have been made can be critical.  Why?  Because we can determine if we are satisfied with who we are now.  So if the answer is “No, I am not satisfied”, then steps can be made toward change.  And that benefits the men or women we are to become.

Future You.  The future can be captivating, especially for dreamers life myself.  I enjoy playing out various what-if scenarios in my imagination regarding the future.  But, a dream is not the same thing as a vision.  A dream is separate from reality, whereas a vision takes account of the past and present to assist in determining the future.  Future You is the vision of who you want to become based off the history of Past You and the reality of Present You.

So, one more time.  Think about these questions honestly and deeply…

  • Who have you been?
  • Who are you now?
  • Who will you become?

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