Beautifully Rich

I’m reading through the book of Leviticus on my year long journey to read the Bible cover-to-cover.  I find it hard to relate through most of it because I neither have experience around the types of animals mentioned nor do I have the stomach for the amount of blood required in the sacrificial process.  However, I find my faith refreshed as I read for a few reasons.

I see Jesus. The Lord is patiently teaching my feeble mind to look for Jesus as I read through the Old Testament books.  It is very difficult, yet quite rewarding at the same time.  To uncover the mysteries is invigorating!  The entire Bible, from animal sacrifices to the final days of Revelation, points to Jesus and is dripping with Him.  HE fulfilled every type of sacrifice.  Which leads me to the fact that…

I don’t have to perform the sacrifices. God knew that it would be only a matter of time that the sacrifices would turn into meaningless ritual for many.  That they would perform the sacrifices while their hearts drifted to idols and other gods.  I believe He also knew that no one could satisfy the tremendous debt sin has caused, regardless of how accurate the sacrifices were performed or how often.  It is our sin nature that proves this.  Which points to the reason for the sacrifices…

Sin is serious stuff. As I read through the detail of the sacrifices, I cannot deny the reality of the crushing weight of sin.  Paul said in Romans that the wages of sin is death.  How do we escape and find freedom?  Simple solution is costly sacrifice.  The people were required to bring their best bull or lamb or goat or bird.  The offerings were to be without blemish.  The bread had to be free from leaven, or  yeast, which is a biblical symbol for sin.  This leads me to the wonderful truth that…

Jesus is the ultimate sacrifice. In His sovereign wisdom, God knew that our sin nature would plague us, and that the separation between us and Him due to our sin would require the greatest sacrifice.  And that was His one and only Son.  He gave Jesus freely so that the wages of sin would be paid by His perfect blood, therefore giving us life.

I never realized how beautifully rich the book of Leviticus could be.


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