Stop Trying to Be Perfect (part iv)

Grace.  Grieving.  Growth.

Rounding out my recap of last Sunday’s message brings us to generosity.  This is a hot topic right now in our society because of the earthquakes in Haiti.  There are many outlets to give to the victims of this horrendous event.  But instead of giving a list that would be far from exhaustive on ways you can give to Haiti, I want to share what God’s doing in my heart in the realm of generosity.

For a very long time I have been extremely stingy with my finances.  Giving to my church was usually done out of obligation rather then joy and excitement at the chance to give.  I’d pass one less fortunate then me on the street and do everything I could to ignore them so I wouldn’t have to give or feel guilty for not giving.  Opportunities to give were, to me, a nuisance.  An inconvenience.  How wicked is my heart?

The Lord has pressed in on this area of my life and the only way I could respond was to ask Him to change me.  And He’s been working.  The slow and steady pace of the process has made me realize how deeply rooted my selfishness has been.  The way God works is beautiful.

Today, I’m still selfish.  I still think of keeping MY money for MY security.  But through opportunities to give to organizations like Compassion, Water Missions International, and my church, God is melting this heart of stone.  His leadings are becoming a bit unnerving because He is stretching me way out of my comfort zone.  But I know it’s necessary in order for me to grow as a disciple of Christ.


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