Stop Trying to Be Perfect (part i)

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m devoting the rest of this week to discussing how the message from church on Sunday is playing out in my life.  There were four thoughts my pastor, Bobby, focused on, and the first of those is grace.  The first place to stop on the road to realizing we aren’t perfect is to accept God’s grace.

Answer me this.  Can someone receive grace if they have never become broken over their need for it?  Over the course of my life, I have read, talked, learned, studied, and sung about the grace of God.  But I would say for the majority of it, I had not been truly broken over my need for it.  I lived, to some extent, to a list of do’s and don’ts that I learned in church, which led me toward dependence upon myself and the list and away from the realization that I couldn’t live reliant on my own power.  I was a white washed tomb, clean on the exterior, but a festering cesspool of pride, lust, and self-absorption…to name a few.

That all changed, however, when the Lord began to break me at the very depths of my being.  My world fell apart and the only place I knew to turn was upward.  For the first time, I saw my extreme need for God’s grace to rescue me from myself.  And I’m so thankful He has.

So I ask you this question.  Have you become broken over the sin and depravity in  your life and recognized your need for the grace of God?


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