Just As I Am

The other day, I was thinking about my kiddos and praying over them when God impressed on strongly upon me that each of them were created exactly as He intended.  Every cell of their body, every piece of their personality, He created and loves and knows intimately.  In the days since, He has spoken the same thing to me regarding other people in my life, as well as myself.

God don’t make no junk.  It’s something I heard my  brother tell me recently as we discussed life and how to live it.  That is so true!  He took His time creating you and me, putting together every detail with skill and precision.

So why do I feel so unworthy, inadequate, and messed up?  The simple answer is sin.  May we reclaim that word from the churchy, Sunday School answer it has become.  Sin is a powerfully destructive force that has ripped each of us apart, stained us black, and separated us from the intimate relationship with God that we were created to have.  It is evil.  It’s a disease.  And it’s very much alive in all of us.

The illustration I have used a lot with my kids is from Spiderman 3.  In it is the battle with an alien symbiote that aggressively attaches itself to a host, and then contorts the host’s characteristics, truly becoming a monster.  Many times Spidey tries to get rid of it, but it just clings to him.

That’s sin.  It’s nasty.  And, if I can be honest, you and I are powerless to combat it on our own.  We need to be rescued from it.  And that is the brilliance of the cross and the One who willingly died upon it.  Jesus took away the power of sin on our lives and gave us the power through His Spirit to overcome each and everyday.  And here’s a beautiful fact: it isn’t because of anything you or I have done or ever could do.  It is only because of His great love for us that He did what He did.  He accepts us as we are so that He can restore us to become who He created us to be.

There’s an old hymn I love that was written by Charlotte Elliott.  The story behind Just As I Am is a beautiful and powerful lesson for all of us…


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