Yesterday I posted about organized religion and the misuse of God for the sake of power and wealth.  Today I want to take a glimpse at a troubling perspective towards the church that is growing.  It is a comment made in a conversation I had recently with a Christ-follower.  I don’t need church.

Let’s face it.  People today like or love Jesus, but aren’t to crazy about the church.  But is there a contradiction in this thought process?  The Bible says that the church is the body of Christ, so can a person say they love Jesus but don’t like the church, His body?  I understand the disdain for organized religion because it has left a trail of bodies behind its unChrist-like drive for bigger and better.  But let us be careful in associating the business with His body.

There is no doubt the image of Christianity in America needs an overhaul, and I believe it is happening.  It is going to need time, however, to change.  I look at a grassroots movement in Georgia like A Love Project that is simply about loving God, loving the community and loving the church.  They gathered over 50 trash bags filled with coats for those in need in their area last month and dubbed it A Warmth Project.  Beautiful.  There are movements of believers meeting in homes to study the Bible and learn more about God and His ways and what it means to truly be a disciple of Christ.  Efforts in our world to end injustices like poverty, hunger, lack of clean water, and the sex trade are spearheaded by Christ-followers driven by compassion and obedience to the word of God.  And there is a return to biblical teaching by a multitude of speakers, all dedicated to unpacking spiritual truth and showing the glory of Jesus through it all.

I have great hope for the church and I urge my brothers and sisters in Christ out there to not give up but to pray and seek God.  It’s no secret our world is in bad shape.  That is why it is time for the people of God to return to Him.  For when we do that, He promises to heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14).


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