New Year, New Decade

2010.  It was just ten years ago that the world was preparing for chaos as Y2K threatened to cripple us electronically.  Guess we made it through ok, huh?

Every year at this time we hear endless reports of New Year’s resolutions and how to make them and keep them.  I, quite frankly, think it is silly that we make resolutions for the year thinking some magical dust is going to be sprinkled on us making this year different than last year.  You remember last year’s resolutions, right?  Yea, me neither.

But, I am an advocate for reliving 2009 and rethinking 2010.  What were the major themes of 2009 that you can celebrate and/or learn from?  What is your personal vision for 2010?  I read this post about how to set goals and keep them for the new year.  Starting small is the key.  Then let the snowball pickup momentum as change and growth sweep through your life.  So what about your life are you rethinking for 2010?

And while you are at it, Mark has a good idea: what about 2020?  I must admit thinking ten years from now is hard.  But take a bit of time and dream.  Make it fun, not a chore.  Have a vision and then make an action plan of how to attain it.  But don’t make it concrete, because life happens and things change.  Then you just learn how to adapt your plan.  Remember, to rethink is to ask, “how do I get to where I want to be from where I am now.”


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