Novas, Nebulas and Wonder

As I marvel at the universe and see its brilliance shine
I cannot help but wonder at “why”
Why does the cosmos put off such a grand show?
Why do nebulas and stars explode?
Why do the colors of galaxies radiates like they do?
There has to more reason than science can prove.

What if the nova explosion known as Nova Cygni 1992
Was a magnificent display of worship and honor for You?
Could it be that the hydrogen just got excited at the thought of Your glory
And emitted the light to illumine a small piece of Your story?

I can’t help but think that we have put wonder aside
As we study and we learn and we philosophize
Yes, let us explore and understand Your creation
But, O God, let what we find fill our hearts with satisfaction
That You are sovereign, You alone are God, and You love us abundantly
Abundantly more than we can fathom or feel or see
So I join the novas and nebulas and constellations and stars
To worship Your name and glorify everything You are.


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