21 Days Without Coffee

I love coffee.  It is one of the simple pleasures I enjoy the most in life.  I probably go extremely overboard in my intake of it, but I read this article and I don’t feel as bad anymore.

That is why I am choosing to give it up for 21 days in response to a challenge my pastor has issued to the church starting today.  Here’s the email I received from him about it:

Coming up this weekend we start the series Crazy Love.  The first message in the series will be called Crazy Faith.  The message will be centered around the question, what are we doing right now that requires real faith?  It’s a good question to wrestle with and one that I want us each to wrestle with as we cross into a new decade.

So with that message, I think that entering into this new decade, new year, new season of ministry, what better way to pray and seek God’s favor than to fast together as a church.  Something that requires a great deal of faith is fasting.  I would suspect many people in our church have never fasted for a period of time longer than a day.  What I would like to do is purpose a 21 day fast.

During this 21 days, everyone has the choice to choose the type of fast and the period for which one would fast.  Remember, a fast doesn’t have to involve giving up food.  Maybe it’s the web, tv, or maybe it’s a period of time fast….like 2 days a week for 3 weeks.  Or anything else you can come up with.  To go along with your fast, I would recommend reading through either the book of John which has 21 chapters OR the book of Luke which has 24 chapters.

So how about it.  Are you in?

I’m honestly a bit nervous about this because my taste buds are asking me if I need to be locked up.  I totally anticipate major head-splitting-aches for the first few days, but some brilliant man invented motrin years ago.

All playing aside, I’m looking forward to this.  I have come to practice a 24 hour fast once a week over the past few months and it is really cool to see how God has spoken to me and changed me through it all.  This will be another step in that direction.  It is also really exciting to think about the church doing this together.

What can happen in a group of people when they unite with one purpose and that purpose is to seek after God?  I cannot wait to see!


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