My son has struggled in school this year.  I sincerely believe our family situation has had its impact on him, but there is a part of the equation that I care too much to let lie.  It’s his work ethic.

He is a very bright kid.  He could tell many fascinating facts about bugs and animals – some of his passions in life!  But when it comes to school, he just isn’t applying all of his effort.

So we had a talk the other night.  I told him it isn’t enough to work hard.  Often times, working hard can merely lead to us running in the same place.  But if we couple hard work with smart work, the outcome has a greater chance of success.

I told him to pretend he’s the half-back for his football team and the coach instructs the team to run a HB Toss Left.  The goal?  A touchdown of course.  But what happens if the half-back doesn’t take the time to learn the play and understand what is supposed to occur on that play?  What if the tight end starts running the same direction as the half-back?  Disaster would ensue.  Hard work will only take the half back so far.  Hard work without smart work will likely lead to getting tackled.

This is where working smart comes to play.  As the half back studies the play, learns what his blockers are doing, and asks questions to make sure he understands the play, then the likelihood of success dramatically increases.

Apply this to your own life.  Where are you working hard but find you’re just spinning your wheels?  How can you work smarter so that your chance of success increases?  I’m convinced I focus so much on getting the job done that I neglect to consider how the job should be done in the first place.

So call the play.  Work hard, work smart on three.  Ready?  Break.


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