Mantra (part i).

I have been reading a new book by Mark Batterson titled Primal.  Excellent book and I will be posting a review next week, so make sure you check back!  But for now I want to highlight a quote that has got my mental wheels turning like a gerbal in his cage.

It’s much easier to act like a Christian than it is to react like one.  Anyone can put on an act.  But your reactions reveal what is really in  your heart.

How do I get my reactions to change?  How do I get myself to respond to things in life in a godly manner?  As I pondered this, a thought struck me.  I have to train my mind every day, and the way for me to do that is to have a consistent, three-pronged attack.  So I came up with a mantra that I want to list out here and then follow up with some posts dedicated to each of the three parts.  So here they are…

  1. Resolve.  I really like this word because it insinuates strong, intentional action.  If I resolve to do something, it means I am committed to doing it.
  2. Renew. It is important to renew myself.  Anything healthy goes through regular renewal.
  3. Relive. There is something profoundly important about taking the time to reflect on the events of the day.  To think on the good and learn from it.  To think on the not so good and learn from it.  And to take corrective actions if needed.
  4. Rethink. What good is it to do the three above things but not know where you’re headed?  It’s important to refocus on your vision.

So there you go.  Resolve.  Renew.  Relive.  Rethink. That’s my new mantra.  The kicker is this: they are just words if I do not do anything with them.  That is where the first one comes into play, which I will dive into next…


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