Last Saturday saw the 2009 football season come to a close for my 9 year old.  The season was his first experience playing.  I really enjoyed watching him play and learn and we have celebrated some personal and team victories together.

It was very special hearing his name called over the loud speaker after he made his first tackle in a game.  My heart leapt with excitement and, I admit, pride filled me.  There was another tackle that I will not forget, this time in practice.  The star player had the ball and he was dancing around everyone, avoiding tackles left and right.  Until he got to a frightening 60 lbs. of muscle (you scared?) which proceeded to slam into the star and brought him down to the ground.  A smile bigger then the moon filled my son’s face.  Most definitely a memory he will carry with him.

The team went on to claim the title of Regular Season Champs, but it is not in the light of the title that my son can bask in.  No.  It is the hard work and determination he displayed as he did whatever the coaches set before him.  I have no clue if this will be the first of many seasons to come or the last one ever, but I do know I am proud of him.

To me, he is already a star.


2 thoughts on “Football.

  1. I must admit that I just got teary eyed as I read this. That is so awesome. You all have amazed me before and continue to amaze me everyday with your insight.

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