I dread Sunday mornings.  Every week, I have the same formidable foe that I battle with, and the majority of the time I lose the battle.  That foe is indeed my daughter’s hair.  Her red hair is beautiful, but daddy don’t do hair very well!

The easiest “style” for me to do is the basic ponytail, but even that is not easy.  (Hair stylist is most definitely NOT in my future career path.)  Is there a “Style a Little Girl’s Hair Because You’re a Dummy” book I could read?  Or maybe the “Dad’s Guide to Ruining Your Daughter’s Hair” blog?  If not, there should be!

I taught myself how to play the guitar, am great with computers, and even know enough about car maintenance to be dangerous, but I CANNOT master this girl’s hair.  HELP!


5 thoughts on “Ponytail.

  1. my thought! at least you try and she will have lot’s of stories to tell when she is older. gotta love that. eventually she will teach herself how to do it and then you will be off the hook…until then, sorry!

  2. Okay Kevin, I’m a girl, and I have had “girl hair” most of my life, and I still haven’t mastered the art of “little girl hair.” If you get any good tips, please share. Love the blog.

  3. i did get a really good laugh at this thanks! i can’t do my own hair and this is why God gave me boys because I know i can’t do hair!

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