Internet is a wonderful thing…especially when you haven’t had it and then you get it.  Isn’t it funny how we take for granted the most simple, common, everyday things in life?  That’s been me and blogging lately.  I L-O-V-E to write.  It is a fantastic outlet for me to make sense of this life (if that’s at all possible).

So with a renewed passion for the blog, I’ve been thinking about what to blog about.  Penelope Trunk over at the Brazen Careerist blog makes the suggestion that bloggers pick a topic.  Sure, you’ll cover other topics, but there needs to be a “big idea” to your ramblings.  That has led me to some serious wrestling about what to make my “big idea”.  Then I talked to my brother…

I love talking to my brother because he has this way of helping me see things with a lense I never viewed with.  It’s probably because he just tells it like it is and the dude is smart.  But I digress…

He pointed out a fundamental aspect of writing I was overlooking: write about what you know.  What am I able to talk about most freely and easily?  What experiences have I had or am I having that would make for a fun and insightful post?  And are there others out there that are having the same experiences?  He got the hamster wheel turning in my head as he encouraged me to write about being a single dad and what that world looks like as it forms before my eyes.  It’s a frontier I have never been on and I know there are a whole heck of a lot of guys out there in the same boat.

So here I go…I’m plunging in with both feet.


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