the LORD has done great things

The kids and I have been reading through parts of Judges lately at night.  It has been a really cool opportunity to take them through an Old Testament book that often gets neglected.  As we have read the book, we have asked one simple question each time: what is God trying to teach us through this story?

Tonight, we read about Gideon and how his small army of 300 beat thousands of attacking tribes through the power of God.  The biggest truth popped out to me.  When we remember what God has done – all of the mind-blowing, phenomenal things He has done – it makes our trust capacity grow. Let me explain, when God leads me to take a job for less money then I could make somewhere else, I can remember the time early in my marriage that He provided grocery money for us when we could barely pay our bills.  It was really cool.  Here we are stressing, but trusting, and our Sunday School teachers show up at the door one day and hand over $300 because the Lord laid us on their heart.  The memory of that helps me trust God financially so that I can trust Him with bigger things later on.

Charlie Hall has a song that comes to mind:

When the Lord brought back the captive ones of Zion
We were like those who dream
Our mouths are filled with laughter, our tongue with joyful shouting
They say among the nations the Lord has done great things for them

The Lord has done great things for us
The Lord has done great things for us
And we are filled with joy
We are filled with joy

You have done great things (4X)

You’ve restored our hearts like streams that flow
Those who sowed in tears have reaped their joy
And returned with shouts and songs
Carrying the fruit of God

What great things has the Lord done in your life?


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