weekend distractions

With life being crazy and majorly different right now, the weekends bring a lot of distractions and I get thrown off my usual routine.  Monday – Thursday is tremendous because I stay structured.  But come Friday, that all goes to pot.  The kids hang out with me on the weekends and that brings a whole new dynamic to the day.  From breakfast to bedtime, I’m looking for ways to entertain and pour into them all while taking care of them.  It can be exhausting!

So yesterday I was taking a shower and realized, “Lord, I haven’t had a chance to breath you in like I have been.  I miss you!”  And that, unfortunately was the extent of it.  So how do you keep your committed to your pursuit of the Christ-life when curveballs are thrown your way?  I’d love to hear ideas!


5 thoughts on “weekend distractions

  1. Unfortunately life is full of distractions and curve balls but isn’t it wonderful that we have a God that never changes!

  2. i wonder if the curveballs are intended to keep us coming back to Him. He knows what we need but He knows we are proud and seekers of self-sufficency. if there were no downturns there would be no upturns. like Jesus told the three, you can’t stay up on the mountain, you gotta go down and work in the valley too. the darkness causes me to seek the light.

  3. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever! And I agree…curveballs do keep us coming back to Him and that’s where we need to abide. In Him!

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