the will

Last time I talked about thinking and how, if you change your thoughts, you can change your world.  The mind truly is a powerful tool for us to use in our quest for Christ-likeness, but, if you’re like me, your mind wanders frequently.  How do we harness the power of our minds?

The easy answer is the will, but that’s where it ceases to be easy.  With all of the distractions around us today, focusing on anything proves to be quite the difficult task.  But it is possible.

I came across a booklet that has spurred my thinking.  The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence is a must read for anyone wanting to set their mind on the Christ-life.  Brother Lawrence was a monk during the 1600s and at made it his purpose to continual practice being in the presence of God through constant prayer and meditation.  He speaks frequently in his letters (which comprise the booklet) about the need and importance of refocusing his thoughts upon the Lord.

In Philippians 2:5, Paul encourages to “Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus.”  He knew first hand that the mind is key to spiritual transformation, and that is the place we must constantly be drawn to: the battle for the mind.


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